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Very pleasing ambience. Looks like we have found the right store! Really liked the layout. As far as furnishing goes, the best I've seen so far. Our experience at Estética has been satisfying indeed. We do recommend them to discerning clients.

Ms. Revati Pany
Managing Director, Ocasa Design Studio
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Estetica has a special unit for commercial purposes where they advise you to choose the fabric that is good for wear and tear and they discourage you to choose the ones that are delicate which I think nobody else does

Asha Mohapatra
Eminent Socialite
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Estetica has given a creativity and comfort zone to the clients to sit & dream about their house

Ragini Jethi
Ex Marketing Head - East, Sharom
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I am confident Estetica will change the way furnishing is consumed & understood in Odisha. Estetica will provide bespoke furnishing solutions for those who look good things in life.

Rajiv Pal
Ex Branding Head, Reliance Industries
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In one word, Estética is elegant. The ambience, the quality of the products, the variety...I loved the craftsmanship and the details.... It exceeded my expectations. I'd definitely recommend Estética to people who are looking for exceptional quality at a fair price!

Ar. Prateek Gupta
Principal Architect, Prateek Gupta Architects


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